Live cloud monitoring

In house designed and built IOT dashboard gives 100% connectivity for live updates on usage and functionality. Combination of eWATERcare management package and eWATERpay payment gateway guarantees live tracking of all revenue . Only with eWATERpay do water operators have enough finance to manage water systems sustainably.

Drop in water wastage and plastic usage 0
Increase in revenue collected compared to cash systems 0
Access to clean water 24/7 0
Tracking of water revenue for maintenance and upgrades 0

2018 Winners “Outstanding Mobile Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals”
Mobile World Congress Global Mobile Award

3 Ways to Pay

Mobile Money

Use mobile money from over 12 Mobile Network Operators’s in East and West Africa. Pay by text using a regular phone and pick up credit by touching your tag onto the tap.

App & Cash

Pay by cash to a neighbour, shopkeeper or water seller who can transfer eWATERcredit direct to a registered tag using mobile money. Smart phone users buy credit through the eWATERapp and charge tags directly – making commission on cash sales to anyone in the village.

Remote Gift

Government departments, urban relatives and international donors can purchase and donate trackable eWATERcredit for any registered tag user. Health clinic and schools can receive an allocation of water.

“Children would go and fetch water and this meant that sometimes they would miss class. Many times children complained to me of a stomach ache, but we don’t hear about that any more. The project has really made a big difference to our lives” Elihuruma Mjemah”

Head Teacher
Endanchan Primary School

``We have been using eWATER for a long period of time now. It’s so perfect because anytime you need water you can get it, even at midnight.
I am happy to pay for the water, because it means that I have water every day… day and night.``

SIda Jang, Jarrang village

“The water project here has helped us a lot as before there was a big problem of getting water. We travelled far to get water and it took many hours. Once we got water we then had a problem of the water vendors not being available. “

Sesilia Michael
Farmer & village Water
Committee member

“We have one eWaterPay card for the dispensary and we used around 12 buckets of water a day. We use money from the government to pay for water. The system is working well, we are really happy with it. We have no problems accessing clean and safe water.”

Dr. Yohana Mathias
Endanchan Dispensary

More people in Africa have access to a mobile phone than have access to clean drinking water

The impact of eWaterPay


Access water 24/7

Clean, affordable water accessible to everyone, everywhere


75% cheaper

Significantly cheaper than any other existing technology for pre-payment of water, meaning multiple taps can be installed across a village, resulting in less distance to collect water and less queuing.


Fully accountable and transparent

All revenues can be tracked and transparently used to pay for maintenance


Less wastage

When people pay for water they don’t waste a drop. eWATERpay reduces wastage, making solar pumped systems more efficient.


Less disease

With tracked revenue maintenance can be paid for, ensuring sustainable, clean water systems. People don’t have to return to contaminated sources when water systems break.


Works offline

Meaning no data is lost, even with intermittent 2G connection



Currently people pay on average $100/year on kerosene, $30 on mobile phones. eWATERpay costs $6-$9/year, less than the WHO recommended contribution of 3% of income for those living on less than $1 per day.



Anyone with a basic phone and mobile money can buy credit by picking it up at any tap.  Anyone with a mobile money account or smart phone can also sell eWATERcredit to neighbours without smart phone access.


Jobs created

Jobs created through professional maintenance companies.