Our mission is to use mobile technology for the accountable collection of user fees and through live cloud reporting provide an intuitive digital platform for practitioners to guarantee sustainable water in every village and city in developing countries.


  • Within the last 12 months, we have provided 50,000 people in West Africa and Tanzania with clean, sustainable source of water
  • 100% of all revenue collected and accounted for through our live data dashboard
  • We have tracked nearly 24 milion litres of water consumed
  • Regular professional maintenance has repaired any issues within 6 hours
  • The taps have sold £10,000 of water locally, which has covered all operation and maintenance that has had to be done
  • Water wastage has decreased by 99%
  • 200 eWATER taps installed in Tanzania and Gambia

Buba Manner, Genieri village, Father

I think that the eWATER system is one of the best systems for getting water... It is very impressive.

If eWATER arrived in my village, the community would be very happy. It is a very easy way to get water and would help the community very much.

Ida Jang, Jarrang village, Student

We have been using eWATER for a long period of time now. It’s so perfect because anytime you need water you can get it, even at midnight.

I am happy to pay for the water, because it means that I have water every day… day and night.

Aminata, Jarrang village, eWATER

Nobody could maintain the tap because only some people payed. Not everyone paid. So there was lots of fighting.

Now its easy with eWATER . You pay for what you use. There is no fighting, there is no quarrelling, because you pay for what you use.

Alasan Ceesay, Jarrang village,
Leader of Village Water Committee

Since they came here, our village has not had any health related water problems in the hospitals.

2 years ago, the water management mismanaged our money, but now our money is safe because of eWATER. Now everything is okay. The money is safe, and the water is safe.

The villagers trust it. They like it. They appreciate it. We need eWATER. eWATER is the best for our village.