Consumer – The consumer buys credit on their eWATERtag from anyone with the WATERapp on their smartphone (there is access to a smartphone even the poorest villages) 

Water – When the tags are held next to the eWATERtap, water is dispensed.

Maintenance – A cloud data management platform using IoT (eWATERcare) allows data to be reviewed regularly. Information on the state of the water systems is sent to a local maintenance provider, who use the funds collected to maintain the water systems when they break.


eWATERapp and eWATERtag

Anyone in your village with a smart phone can become an eWATERseller - use our integrated mobile money platform to purchase eWATERcredit and get commission to sell water credit to your neighbours 


If you haven’t got a smart phone, you can purchase eWATERcredit from an eWATERseller simply by touching your tag to a sellers phone  - offline, 24/7, anytime anywhere – buy 10 pence or £10 its up to you – Flexible, simple, transparent


The eWATERtap

Oyster cards for water

Use your eWATERtag to operate any tap, anywhere, offline, 24/7. The tap will deduct and record the amount of water used.


The cloud data management system (eWATERcare)

eWATERtap is connected to a global network via an IoT node.


The usage information is produced in a dashboard which can be viewed by government water departments and NGOs, and used to continuously improve all aspects of the system, by allowing us to tailor our proposition to peoples’ real needs.


The local maintenance provider receives information from the cloud on any water systems that are broken, which allows them to send the right support.


When the information arrives, the maintenance company assigns the job to an engineer’s mobile using the click of a button. Service level agreements ensure that the repairs are completed quickly.


The engineer uses the app on their device to check what jobs are required. They can see details of how to do the jobs and also make notes to send back to the cloud server. Once the system is repaired, they mark the job as done, and the water system will confirm it is working.