eWATER is currently operating in The Gambia and Tanzania working with DFID, Water Aid and the Tanzanian Ministry of WATER. The goal is for eWATER taps to serve 3 million consumers by 2020.

100% of all revenue collected from users is accounted for through the live data management platform and can be used to maintain the water supply infrastructure, this is unique in Sub Saharan Africa.

eWATER timeline

Next steps

Our version 2 tap will soon be ready for mass production in the UK and we will rollout thousands of taps supporting a million people by 2021.

eWATER is now well underway in developing a production ready version 2 tap that incorporates LoRa, 2g AnyNet, and bluetooth. This will deliver a complete solution to proving clean and safe water and also efficient support and maintenance.

The trial of the eWATERtap was successful, and with feedback from 13,000 people eWATER is able to produce a version 2 tap that will be unrivalled in the world on both performance and cost.