Alison Wedgwood

Alison Wedgwood, has 18 years experience as a water and sanitation economist and international development. In 1996, she began by working for the Department of International Development (DFID) in the Delhi Water and Sanitation Office and since then she has worked in over 20 countries designing implementing and evaluating water and sanitation projects for DFID, UNICEF, JBIC and the World Bank.
Alison is passionate about integrating modern technology and business practices and encouraging female entrepreneurs to improve the sustainability of rural water supply systems.

Rob Hygate

Rob is an entrepreneur who has world wide experience with starting, growing, selling and acquiring digital and technology companies. He has a degree in Microelectronics from the University of the West of England, and has been involved in a wide range of industries including technology, property and finance. Following a trip to The Gambia ten years ago he became passionate about solving the problem of rural water supply. He doesn’t have an “aid” background, and so his approach is grounded in what works – innovation, technology, financial cost recovery and a professional commercial approach.

Chris Astle

Chris recently joined the eWATER team as CFO. Experienced across a wide range of financial areas within both start-ups and global listed multi-nationals, from nuts and bolts accounting to shaping commercial strategy as an influential business partner. Chris spent several years managing FP&A during times of high growth and change whilst Senior Finance Director at Allergan Pharmaceuticals, both from the ground up and refining an established model, along with leading integration and restructuring initiatives and in delivering M&A/contract modelling. Chris has also worked for PWC and tech start up SpinVox.

Ian Evans

Ian Evans has an extensive background in electronic and software design. He previously founded and run a successful design and manufacturing company for over 10-years that specialised in producing unique and innovative RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) readers with ultra lowpower features for embedding in almost any application. This included designing bespoke water and electricity metering products and embedding NFC reader technologies for emerging new markets. Ian brings a wealth of real-world Mechanical, Electronic and Software engineering experience to the eWATER team and the passion to innovate ideas into reality.

Ian Ravenscroft

Ian is an enthusiatic technologist with over 25 years experience in telecommunications, in his numerous roles he has extensive practical experience of delivering complex solutions in markets across Africa. Educated as a Chemical Engineer originally he has taken this knowledge firstly into innovation of control and management systems for the Chemical industry, followed by a long career in telecommunications technology delivery. In his most recent role as the CTO for Mobile Payments (M-Pesa) at Vodafone, Ian was responsible for the growth, development and rollout of ground breaking mobile payments solutions across African and his continued desire to see technology used to improve lives in Africa leads him to be a committed supporter and advisor to the eWater initiative.

Tom Wedgwood

Tom Wedgwood, Co-Founder of Newton Europe who implement transformational, award-winning change across a wide range of sectors. ( Tom is responsible for leading and developing the company's innovative business approach, intellectual property and best practice. Tom was awarded the Institute of Civil Engineering Queen's Jubilee Scholarship at Cambridge University and won the Roscoe Prize for achieving the top degree of his year. Tom focuses on ensuring our programmes are financially and technically sustainable and economically efficient delivering maximum impact per pound spent.

Ted Kulongoski

Ted is the eWATER country manager for the Gambia and Senegal, providing training and business development support to our service and maintenance organisations such as eSU Africa to implement pilot and test/transition projects for the eWATERtap and eWATER system. Ted manages the relationship with the Department of Water Resources, the mobile phone companies and the Village Development Committees.

Aminata Mballow

Aminata is the country water manager for eSU Africa in The Gambia and is responsible for all aspects of the business, ensuring the eWATER system collections and financials through to the service and maintenance of the villages water infrastructure, by managing and leading the eSU team of maintenance engineers and corporate staff. Amie has 2 years of experience with the eWATER service and before eSU was involved in the customer service industry.

Mustapha Dumbuya

Mustupha is the business development manager for eSU Africa, and provides community support to rural villages to advise and implement the eWATER solution into their water systems. He has a diploma and background in community development.

Dr Alan Nicol

Alan is a development professional with experience at the interface of global water research, policy and practice. His career includes knowledge of working with government and intergovernmental institutions, multilateral and bilateral agencies, research institutes, global think tanks and international NGOs. Much of his focus is on multi-level analysis of water policy and practice and the relationship between different 'waters' (domestic, agricultural, transboundary, global, etc) and other areas -including climate change, the environment, energy, economic growth and social change.

Sophie Hygate

Sophie is finalising her degree in business and management at Exeter university and is responsible for the internal accounting functions and social marketing for eWATER. She has spent 6 months in The Gambia consulting to eSU Africa on accounting and marketing.