Smart Technology

eWaterPay is a pre-payment smart tap that ensures all revenue is tracked and accountable and transparently used by private organisations or governments to pay for maintenance of systems

How it Works

Using mobile money

People use mobile money to buy eWATERcredit which is stored on the eWATERtag. The mobile money is sent to the tap using Amazon Web Services MQTT and will arrive at the nominated tap within a few minutes. Using super low bandwidth mobile connections this can be done from anywhere even when there is very poor data connectivity. The system also allows gifting – so anyone, anywhere can buy water credits and they are automatically transferred to a registered tag. If there is no mobile money a smart phone app and NFC transfer with cash be managed by registered water sellers in each village, creating accountability and employment.


NFC technology dispenses water via the tag, deducting credit as water flows. Touch the reader with the magnetic tag and leave it there whilst the bucket is filled, remove the tag and water stops flowing. Buy one litre on the way to school because credit is deducted per litre – no set volumes of water.

Live cloud monitoring

The eWaterPay super tap connects seamlessly to our unique cloud application providing water operators with real time data. eWATERcare immediately detects where there are low flow rates and faults enabling a rapid response. No data is lost, even with intermittent 2G connection. Dashboards have been created to allow water operators to manage any rural or urban water system using simple KPIS on availability, consumption and flow rates.

eWATERcare for Water Operators

The eWATERcare platform was designed in house by our own software engineers and is continually updated and improved. The data feeds through to an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard. A powerful combination of customer relationship management, with data on customer water consumption, time of consumption, & tracking of all financial transactions allows water operators to manage their revenue and allocate appropriate funds for maintenance. Third party regulatory bodies can also access eWATERcare.


The data from the taps can be used to ensure the system is working at all times. Any issues reported by the tap will automatically be texted to the local technician with the fault details and diagnostic information including location of the fault. The engineers can complete jobs and send simple commands to the tap from a basic mobile phone - and also engineers can fill in any additional data requirements on the eWATERcare app to ensure the KPI dashboards are kept up to date, helping resolve issues quickly and easily.

$15 billion spent on water supply infrastructure in the developing world each year

40% of systems break after 2 years because there is no trackable revenue to pay for maintenance


By 2030 achieve universal and equitable access to safe affordable drinking water for all

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6.1

  • eWATERpay collects $5-$8 per person per year of trackable funds to encourage a private water market of professional maintenance experts to ensure access to safe water is sustainable forever. 2017 World Bank mapping proved that of 86,948 rural water points installed in Tanzania over previous 9 years, half are no longer functional. Without a ‘systems change’ SDG 6.1 will never be met.
Read the Water Aid blog about eWATERpay “one token changing the game for sustainable rural water supply in Tanzania”

‘By 2030 substantially increase water-use efficiency across all sectors and ensure sustainable withdrawals and supply of freshwater to address water scarcity and substantially reduce the number of people suffering from water scarcity.’

United Nations SDG 6.4

  • Live digital platform and text alerts to paid technicians ensure water leaks are notified instantly and repairs done quickly so no leaking pipes and wasted water siginifanctly reduced.

Before eWATERpay water was not being used well or being fetched in a good way. It wasn’t being used efficiently. Now we have eWATERpay you only get water which you have paid for. There is no loss of money and no loss of water. It is very efficient”. 

Head Teacher, Endanachan Primary School


  • Efficiency of solar pumped piped networks improved because of better demand management and planning based on real data of water usage every second of every day.

93% Africans have access to a mobile phone

3 Ways to Pay

Mobile Money

Use mobile money from over 12 Mobile Network Operators’s in East and West Africa. Pay by text using a regular phone and pick up credit by touching your tag onto the tap.

App & Cash

Pay by cash to a neighbour, shopkeeper or water seller who can transfer eWATERcredit direct to a registered tag using mobile money. Smart phone users buy credit through the eWATERapp and charge tags directly – making commission on cash sales to anyone in the village.

Remote Gift

Government departments, urban relatives and international donors can purchase and donate trackable eWATERcredit for any registered tag user. Health clinic and schools can receive an allocation of water.