eWATERpay wins best Digital Solution for UK, Environment & Green Energy, World Summit Awards

eWATERpay has beaten all other companies in the UK to win the country’s nomination  in the Environment & Green Energy Category for the international World Summit Awards (WSA). The World Summit Awards are a global initiative selecting digital innovations making a positive impact on society.

The unique combination of IOT, NFC and mobile technology delivering sustainable water in Ghana, Tanzania and Gambia to 40,000 people is continuing to disrupt traditional water supply aid models by leapfrogging outdated, unsustainable water supply approaches.   Delivering fresh water, on tap, within 100 metres of everyones house, 24/7, for just $3 per year

The WSA nominees 2018 show the richness, diversity and innovation of digital solutions on a global scale and prove how digital technology can improve society on each corner of the world. The WSA 2018 nominees will be evaluated based on seven fundamentals criteria: Content, Functionality, Design, Technology, Innovation, Impact and Global/UN value.

Each year, WSA nominees are selected by the WSA National Experts from more than 180 UN member states. The WSA National Experts nominate up to eight projects for each country – one for every WSA category.

About the WSA

The World Summit Award is a global initiative within the framework of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). WSA is the only ICT event worldwide, that reaches the mobile community in over 180 countries. WSA highlights digital content improving society and focusses on local content with global relevance.