harnessing mobile technology to enable female empowerment in The Gambia

Recent success in The Gambia completing the installation of the 78th tap,  suggests that there is now a real step change in growth and performance in The Gambia  – and the goal of completely transforming a country’s water supply is possible. What’s been really exciting is how  eWATERpay’s focus has also been on empowering women entrepreneurs to lead this transformation

eSu  – the local company installing and operating the eWATERpay network across The Gambia, evolved out of eWATER Gambia’s in-country operation team.   Amie Mballow and Mustapha Dumbuya created eSu,  to prove that a strong, motivated team could deliver smart business practices whilst impacting upon the lives of the poor. A constant theme has been the involvement in leadership roles of women, across both business and technical departments of eSu.  It’s no surprise then that the most senior water technician is Sibu, she’s hardworking and motivated and now leads the team for all technical installations and repairs .

One of the two Founding Director of Esu is  Amie Mballow busy negotiating contracts for new sales, discussing eWATERpay with government officers and water departments and managing eWATERcare’s credit sales programme.

We’re really proud of eWATERpay’s role in harnessing mobile technology to enable female empowerment in The Gambia.